Hi! Glad you find your way here 🙂

I’m Stefanie,currently 21 and hate getting older from the bottom of my heart.Instead I love everything fashion and beauty related, on top of that, I’m also a big foodie that loves to bake.

I had the idea of starting my own blog since I was in middle school,but I never made that happen despite being that “weird kid” who rocked the most one-of-a-kind wardrobe to school.I just never and still won’t care what other people think about me.Perhaps, that is also the reason why I’m filled with positivity?!

Beauty has always been a big part of my life,my mum told me that I use to get all hyped up and stares at her when she applys her lipstick.Eventually by the 6th grade, I got a little private lesson from my french teacher at how pitch-black panda like smokey eyes and glossy red lips together was not appropriate for my age.And I listened to her,but only because she was the classiest teacher ever.

Fast forward to 2014 where I discovered Instagram! It was like blogging but in its miniature form.So, finally in winter 2015 , with the help of my 2 best friends from middle school, I launched this blog. Not gonna lie,it was a little dream come true moment for me.

Welcome to my world and I hope to bring you some joy and inspiration ♥