I Hate The Full Coverage Foundation Trend

So,I just watched a youtube video of a famous make-up personality getting his custom shade made.And no,I’m gonna tell whose video it was, because watching his videos is a guilty “pleasure” of mine. I don’t support what he stands for,nor do I really like his aesthetic or the way he talks and acts generally…But,his videos are somehow entertaining,like in a way how jersey shore was fun to watch as well,if you get what I’m trying to say.

Back to foundations,so this youtube guru got his custom shade in the full coverage formula made.But in the comment section, people were complaining it was not full coverage enough,even though I personally think it had more than enough of it.So,I asked myself since when does heavy,cakey full coverage foundations equals good foundation?

Not all of us has the need to cake up our face and hide every little mark and make our skin literally look like a blank canvas! Blank canvas here not meant in a good way,but rather flat,lifeless and unnatural.All these famous beauty gurus on youtube promotes and rave,almost worship a foundation whenever it’s full coverage.Of course they also use them in every single make up tutorial even though their skin did not need that amount of coverage. Now,these content influence their audience,who most of the time are still very young and trust these gurus blindly like once I did when I was a teenager.

Just yesterday, I saw this very young girl,maybe 15 or 16 in the train.She was there with her school class and GOSH her makeup was heavy!Like straight from a instagram post.Heavy foundation,boxy eyebrows,heavy false lashes and of course the neapolitan ice cream muddy contour and frosty metallic highlight.She basically got buried underneath all that makeup.And it was so obvious that she got influenced by all these youtube gurus and instagram makeup artists.It’s not that I hate these of type of makeup because they do look fabulous through the Iphone front camera. But wow,they look so bad in real life.


How many of us really need full coverage?Actually not a lot of us.I always tell my friends that seek for makeup tips that they really don’t need that 48 hours longwearing full coverage foundation they though they would need.Even if you have acne skin,it doesn’t automatically mean you need heavy coverage for your whole face!I always refer friends with acne skin to this video from the extremely talented Lisa Eldridge below.Most of them say,it’s life changing haha.

So,please remember that full coverage foundations are not answer to flawless skin.

What’s your thoughts on heavy make ups? And yes,I did use the word “full coverage” 9 times in this 500 word post… Please forgive me.


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    Kaylyn Van As
    2017/06/07 at 11:22

    I agree with you, 100%. I really don’t like the full-coverage look. Personally, a thick layer of foundation is really uncomfortable (I always imagine how it would look taking everything off at the end of the day, and those poor pores). Each to their own, I guess. I love how you compared the contour/highlight/blush to Neapolitan ice cream, couldn’t have worded it better myself!

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