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Unboxing | My Little Box March 2017

Couple of days ago,my second “My Little Box” Subscription box arrived! And I noticed that it arrived the same day as last month,does it mean they have a fixed schedule for delivery? Guess we will find out next month!With this month’s box,I kinda have mixed feelings,I like the concept,colour scheme and the content but compared to last month’s box,this one is not as generous.


This month’s theme was #NOFILTER. A topic about how under the influence of social media, we more and more get exposed to perfect edited and flawless selfies everyday. And sometimes forget that being more natural has it’s own charm.In the magazine booklet are also some interesting reads on how being different is totally okay and about women that show their true self without any make-up like Alicia Keys and Mila Kunis.So,naturally this month’s products are all about enhancing what you already have and not to mask it with tons of make up when you really don’t need it.



Interestingly,if we want to be precise,it’s not a really a box what I received but a semi see through soft peach coloured gradient PVC cosmetic bag with the print #NOFILTER s’il vous plait on it.I love the colour,the size and the super smooth zippers! It’s just the right size to hold my entire skincare routine which is awesome! I will definitely travel a lot with this bag.

The first item in the bag that grabbed my attention was a little bubble wrap pouch with heart shaped bubbles (*breathes heavily*), after a satisfying 2 minutes of popping I opened it and there was a rose gold smartphone ring! You can use it as a mini tripod or simply to make sure your phone won’t fall off your hands while taking your 165475th selfie.The ring seems really sturdy so I will use it once I get my new phone in the next few weeks ♥ (btw,any smartphone recommendations? Iphone 7 is not an option I NEED MY HEADPHONE JACK)



Next up,I got the most adorable soft pink “Selfie brush” housed in a boxIt’s a really soft synthetic brush which is quite densely packed.Because of it’s size ,I would use it for setting powders, it might be too big for blush.Also I personally won’t use it for foundation either,I think it’s not dense enough for it and wasting product is a crime.And yes,I still have my eyes on the Artis Brushes if you’re curious.


Now the less interesting part of this month.A 30ml sample sized body peeling from Jil Sanders.Compared to last month’s 2 full sized products…I don’t know what to think about this.The full size version of this peeling is 200 ml for 25€.I would have been more amused with at least a 50 ml version of it,because I mean,it’s a BODY peeling…30 ml would be gone after just one use.



Then there was also a 15ml sample sized BB Cream from erborian,a brand that’s new to me.The BB Cream itself is nice,with Ginseng extract and SPF 20,it also felt smooth and velvety on the back of my hand when swatched.My problem now,I can’t use it…It’s too dark! It even says on the packaging that “the “Golden” shade is particularly suitable for medium skin tones and tanned skin”.But my skin is really fair at the moment and I double checked,I did say that I have fair skin in the “my beauty profile” at the my little box website.So I guess it’s just another useless form that I filled out,because no matter what,everyone gets the same exact product,in the same shade.Which to be honest,doesn’t make any sense to me.


Now let’s end this post with a product that I have neutral opinions on,a nail polish from my little beauty called toute nude which means all nude, if my 6th grade french skill is still working it’s magic haha.Colour wise,it’s a sheer milky pink,it reminds me of polishes that you use under a french manicure.The most I love about this polish is the brush,it has one of those wide,pointed brush you see in high-end polishes,which was not expected. Well,overall it looks very natural on the nails and fits this month’s theme.

If you’re subscribed to any box and have a unboxing of it,please make sure to link it in the comment! I’m a curious person ♥

*This is not a sponsored post,I purchased the subscription box on my own.


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