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February Favourites 2017

Before you even notice,the winter month are over.It’s delightful to wake up with the warmth of the sun shining on your face and go home wachting the sun set after a long day.As for the month February,I didn’t try out tons of new products but from time to time that’s not a bad thing at all, right?


Let’s start with lip products,I have been wearing peachy coral colours a lot.I just automatically choose it out of my massive collection.And my absolute favourite has been the YSL glossy stain in #12 corail fauveit’s a light,semi-opaque orange coral shade perfect for this time around.What I adore the most about the glossy stains are how long they last and maintain the shine!

Another lippie favourite was the Clarins Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm (The French love to name their products extra long and fancy,don’t they) You might think ,oh, another colour changing lip balm you could find for 5 bucks at the drugstore BUT this lip balm smells like sweet peach ice tea!!! Just for this reason alone I have to recommend this to all of you,at least sniff it at the counter ʕ♡˙ᴥ˙♡ʔ , will you? Actually I also own their one step cleanser which smells the same that I also love! Clarins,please bring out more peach scented products ♥



Moving on the the eyes,I have been wanting to include the NYX Micro Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe in a favourites post since a long time,if you read my make-up look posts,you must have noticed that I use it every time.I’m actually on my second one,because I truly think it’s the best drugstore eye brow pencil ever! So weird no one is talking about it,it has the right amount of stiffness and waxiness and great colour selectoin.And the pencil itself reminds me a lot of the more pricier ABH Brow Wiz.

And when it comes to eyeliner,I know I just raved about the L’oréal ultra sharp eyeliner in my Bangkok Airport Shopping Guide/Haul post  but I may have found something even better also at the Bangkok airport…It’s from a Thai drugstore brand called mistine.The name of the eyeliner is super black fixed liner,which is the cheapest from their liner range!I will make sure to get my hands on the others the next time I’m in Thailand! It has a super slim 0,5mm brush tip,super dark ink (The L’oreal one is not as pigmented as this one) and is also waterproof,just how I like everything to be.To top it off,it’s also extremely affordable,I can’t remember the exact price but under 10 bucks for sure!



I’m not sure if I’m the only one,but face mists are something that I have a love-hate relationship with.I know it does too little for my skin for it’s money but I also love and enjoy the refreshing spritz moments,it just makes your skin care routine so much more fun and enjoyable! So,through out the years I did emptied bottles after bottles of water spray(Writing it out makes it sound even more absurd) But I think I might have found the ultimate mist! It’s the Caudalie Grape Water , note, not the more expensive Elixir.The mist is super fine,the spray head doesn’t leak drops of water and the scent is not artificial.I’m currently using my 3rd bottle and love it more than any mists out there. BTW, I always order it as a double pack at .



Last.a fairly new product from L’oréal Botanicals Fresh Care line.The Coriander Strength Care Strength Potion (Told you,the french with their super long product name again) A coconut oil based ultra light weight hair serum.Since it’s so light on the hair,I won’t recommend this if you have super dry and damaged hair but it really is perfect for everyday use,if your hair just needs a little boost.Scent wise,it doesn’t smell like coriander,if you’re freaking out by reading the name of it,instead it has an amazing earthy herbal scent,like those in a spa.Only thing I dislike about this is the cheap plastic packaging,if the ordinary can use a proper glass bottle,I don’t see why L’oréal can’t! I would rather have 100ml of product instead of 125ml but with a glass bottle.



That’s it with all my February favourites! Feel free to leave a link to your Feb Favs or recent post! I’m more than happy to read them ♥


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