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Unboxing | My Little Box February 2017

A while ago a facebook ad popped up on my feed,it was about the beauty/lifestyle monthly subscription box from my little paris! I never knew that they were offering the my little box service,so I immediately checked out their website and got totally hooked by the super adorable designs and themes they were doing each month.Truth is, I never felt compelled to get a subscription box service because most of them seem pretty boring to me,for me it was just boxes full of random samples that I don’t really need in my life.But the my little box was different,I could feel they were actually selecting their products carefully and thoughtfully by themes.So,for the first time ever,I decided to give it a go and here is my first box.I will definitely make this into a monthly thing,yay for more content 😀

This month theme was ‘Mountains’ and I’m glad they didn’t do a V-day one because as you might know from reading my last post,I’m a bitter anti V-day single lady.#noshame

And since I live in the alp region,I could relate to this cozy topic on an extra special level,even though I don’t know how to ski or snowboard.(I KNOW, please don’t judge me) I’m sure I will learn it one day since the next ski resort is just 30 minutes away from my house.

First open the box we get a card with amazing artwork and an inspirational quote.I might frame a few once I get more of them,assuming I get one with everybox.Then,there is the My Little World magazine,which is like a hybrid between a mag and booklet.There are a few articles and more information and style inspos of the products inside this box.

Underneath all the papers,there was a little printed cotton bag,which hold the products ,a triangle card box and a little tin box which caught my attention first.

It was a brooch inside the tin box with the words ‘Cœur de Glace’,which means frozen heart in english.I actually like this phrase quite a lot and everything in french is fancier,so I will pin it to my white jeans jacket.As for the tin,I’m not quite sure what I will use it for but it’s cute and one day it will find it’s purpose.

In the card box holds a pair of socks,I never thought I would receive something like this in a subscription box but it was a good surprise.The socks are in dark blue with silver threads so it sparkles *-* and on the band it says cold feet which is a fun addition.In terms of comfort,they are not the coziest but by no mean scratchy.

The remaining stuff were all inside the cotton bag.I got a full-size body lotion from dove,a full-sized eye roll on and a lip balm from my little beauty.

The bodylotion was not very interesting for me because I have really dry skin, so normally I use pure jojoba oil.Also I prefer my lotion/oils to have a neutral scent and this one was quite heavily fragranced.

On the other hand,the icy magic eye roll-on from polaar was something that got me a bit more excited.I’m a big eye roll-on user,so I am alway ready to try out new ones.This one in particular claims to boost lash growth which is interesting.It reatails for 29.99 €,which is on the expensive side.Glad that they could include this.

Lastly there was a lipbalm in eos look or as they described as ‘snow ball shape’. In short,it was a cherry chapstick that probably all of us once had in middle school but in a different shape.Not really something for me,but I guess it would make a great gift for my 8 years old niece.

Overall,I was happy and pleased with this box and I can’t wait to see what the next box will look like !


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    2017/02/28 at 12:55

    I couldn’t agree more: most beauty boxes seem pointless to me, yet I have to say that this one looks gorgeous and quite generous, I also love its theme this month! I’ve always wanted to try some Polaar products and the lash growth claim is very interesting indeed!

  2. Reply
    2017/03/01 at 9:17

    Ohh I love your photos! They are so cute! That’s such a good size of Dove as well!!! 😀

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

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