This Hoodie Is Conquering The Fashion World

We all know and see how the Gucci T-shirt is super hyped up at the moment and there really is no need for me to contribute another blog post about it.On the other hand…There is a cool hoodie that every high fashion girl and boy is currently wearing.

It’s from the Vetements x Champion Collab.The unusual long sleeve we all love so much from Vetements paired with the Champion logo on it makes it stand out from all the hoodies.And brings back memories when the juicy couture track suits were the coolest.




The Jenners sister were spotted rocking it in all white and all black.And bestie Hailey Baldwin in blue as well.



Bildergebnis für vetements champion kendall jenner

Bildergebnis für vetements champion kendall jenner


And when it comes to high fashion,we sure know that Riri is not going to miss out.Unlike the super model girls (+family?) who are playing it safe with matching sneakers,Riri mixed and matched it with a pair of heels and a green snake print coat.Combining the trending colours for the upcoming season in one look.





And our favourite fashion blogger of all time,Chiara Ferragni, was also spotted in a blue hoodie.But no matchy matchy this time.Also,she wore a black Vetements hoodie during NYFW before.She is definitely enjoying the hoodie trend to the fullest.


Bildergebnis für chiara ferragni vetements champion

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik (Getty)

The best thing about this it-piece is that you can easily find similar items for much less.Not all of us is willing to pay 600$ and more on a hoodie,right?

How do you like the hoodie / track suit trend in general for day-to-day ? Love it or do you think it should only be worn when exercising?

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