Worst Beauty Products Of 2016

After a very personal post about how 2016 went for me and my new years resolution,let’s get back to business! Unlike most bloggers who write about their favourite products first then the worst ones,I’m only going to write about the worst ones of last year.Not because I’m extra bitter and hateful…I’m just hard to impress lol and tbh last year, I didn’t discover anything mind-blowing that deserves the title “Best Of 2016”. Also IĀ have a “failed products bin”,so writing this post is a lot easier for me.But maybe I will still post a december favourites,we will see šŸ™‚

One thing I noticed is that most of the products are from drugstore brands,because unlike when I purchase high-end makeup,I do less to no research.I just throw everything that seems interesting into my shopping basket.And I know this happens to a lot of us,so I actually wish there are more drugstore products reviewed.Anyways,the list is quite long and I will stop rambling.


KIKO Glacial Light Soft Sifter Foundation

Okay,I actually really enjoy the packaging,it has a bouncy sifter to distribute the foundation,so you just need to dab your beauty blender in and you get the perfect amount.But this foundation does absolutely nothing! Zero coverage like a super sheer tinted moisturizer,so I don’t think it’s fair to name itĀ a foundation and promises to brighten and even out your skin tone.

CATRICE Allround Contouring Palette

I feel like every brand cameĀ out with a contouring palette last year,but this has to be the worst one out of them.The pan size of each colour is tiny,I really don’t know why catrice chose to useĀ the same packaging as their allround concealer palette,it doesn’t make sense.And the consistency of it is really stiff and you can’t pick up the colours without using force,then when it’s finally on your face and you start to blend,it disappears,like you didn’t put on anything.It’s frustrating.

CATRICE Nude Illusion Loose PowderĀ 

When I used up my beloved Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre after 2 years I decided to try out aĀ drugstore alternative and of course it didn’t work out like I wished.Unlike my silky, super finely milled Chanel powder that makes you skinĀ look smooth and even whileĀ taking out any unwanted shine.The Catrice powder is really coarse and drying,it definitely sets your makeup but the finish is not pretty,it accentuates any fine lines under your eyes and gives you the dead matte look.Unless you have extremely oily skin or like the ultra matte look,I won’tĀ recommend this.


L’OrĆ©al Super Liner Perfect Slim

I bought it because when swatched in the store,the ink was intensely black and it did not disappointĀ when I swatched it again at home later.But when I tried to use it the second day,the felt tip was just too thick and long (made it really hard to control) Ā to draw on a streamlined wink/flick.I’m still bumped about L’Oreal not selling the “super liner ultraĀ sharp ” brush tip liner(mentioned in Bankok Airport guide & haul) over here in europe,that’s the best drugstore liner I ever tried.

Perfect Slim on top & Ultra Sharp at the bottom

ESSENCE Make Me Brow eyebrow gel mascara

Rumoured to be a dupe of the Benefit Gimme Brow.It does have the same concept of a brow gel containing fibers,but it’s not nearly as good as the OG Benefit one.The brush is too big and distributes too much gel so it clumps your brow hair,and there aren’t enough fibers in it to actually fill in.


Last year I wanted to switch things up a bit and stopped using all my holy grail japanese mascaras.My mission was to find mascaras that I had easy access to.And well,I failed.I know mascaras works very different on everyone,but if you have straight asian lashes that doesn’t hold up curls,this might help you.


Once hyped for a while and a lot of people’s favourite.Sadly it didn’t work on me.It’s really wet,so it takes a bit to dry down,and it doesn’t hold up my curl enough,which is bad if you have hooded eyes like me.Also the spiky tip on the brush always has way to much mascara on it ,which conflicts with the design and becomes unusable,if you don’t wipe the excess off every time.Definitely not worth the price in my opinion.

And I just noticed that I typed THXS instead of THX…Forgive me,it’s morning and I am still not fully awake.

MaybellineĀ the Colossal Volumn Express Waterproof

Volumn express? Sorry,didn’t happen.It just made my lashes wet,that’s it.I remember how every girl in my class back in middle school use to have this mascara in their makeup bag,time flies and mascaras has gotten so much better over the years.

Maybelline Lash Sensational

Another really hyped up mascara that didn’t work for me.It does provide volumn this time but not enough length,so it makes my eyelashes look short and stubby.Why is it this hard to find a good mascara…


Shu Uemura Laque Supreme in PK 05 S

I saw swatches of the Laque Supreme from a famous chinese beauty on weibo back in late 2015 and ever sinceĀ then,it was on my wish list,the colors just looked gorgeous.I was so exited when I finally managed to purchase it at the Hongkong airport.But it was a let down šŸ™ It’s really creamy and thick,so it feels quite heavy on the lips and the finish is not really glossy nor matte but somewhat inĀ between,which is tbh not really falttering.And the lasting power is also not great.And the wand was too long so it was hard to control as well.I prefer the YSL Glossy Stain 10 times more than this.

NYX Lip PrimerĀ 

I though I was getting the MAC Prep and Prime Lip for less but hmmm it was not the case.This lip primer is basically one of those transparent lip liner being magnified.It’s waxy,doesn’t moisturizeĀ or hide any fine lines.And also doesn’t have any coverage to erase your own lip colours in order to make the lipstick pop,but guess what, it comes in 2 shades!#WHY?


COMODYNES Make Up Remover With Creamy Milk

I picked this up last minute at the airport and I amĀ surprised that there are still make up removing wipes that burn this bad.It stinged my eyes and my cheeks were really irritated after using it.On top of that it’s heavily fragranced,the scent lingered for hours.Oh,it also didn’t remove my makeup properly,I had to rub my eyes and face pretty harsh in order to get everything off.If you ever see this somewhere,RUN.

Balea Cleansing (Reinigungs) Mousse

When it comes to cleansing product I generally prefer a mousse cleanser ,which is commonly found in Asia.So,I was exited too see this at my local drugstore and to try it out and the cashmere extract cought my eyes too.But something about this cleanser is not right,I feel like it doesn’t deep clean your face and it leaves a residue.Then,the fragrance is really strong and it broke my out.So,I will stick to my asian cleansing mousses for now šŸ™‚ BTW my skin care routine is coming soon!

That’s the list,with 11 products in total I think it’s not too bad.It also means I didn’t waste too much money. I hope I will discover some amazing stuff this year so I can write a “Best of 2017” Post,haha ā™„


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