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2016 Holiday Gift Guide for HER

I just came back from China and realised loads of posts are still missing, I did plan to blog in China but our family dog “Toffee” was distracting me with his uber cuteness all the time.

So,blame it on this little fella.It’s only been one day and I’m already missing him like crazy,his soft ears,short little legs,when he yawns and wants to cuddle,ah I can go on and on T-T  1662801480

Anyways ,christmas is real soon and choosing the right gift can be tricky sometimes,so I hope this gift guide will some what help you out a bit…As an inspiration 🙂

If you really want personal gifts,try etsy and have things custom made!Just make sure you got enough time for the crafting and shipping,they get really busy during this time of the year.

And don’t break your head when it comes to budget,a lot of times a 9$ essie bottle is already enough to make the people you love smile.Or even better if you can bake,try my ultimate brownie recipe  and I guarantee you that you will have to make a 2nd batch haha ^^

Also,this is the “for HER” part of my gift guide,you can find the “for HIM” part HERE.





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