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October Favourites 2016

October is over and we are only weeks away from christmas!!! I am so ready for the holiday season haha…but colder weather also means super dry skin and hair,so I will include a few¬†moisturizing products that have helped me a lot this month ūüôā



Let’s start with the oils,one for the body and one for the hair.

Apeiron Jojoba Pur

My mum got this for me,because pure jojoba oil is one of her holy grails! And now it’s becoming one of mine as well.I apply it after shower and it absorbs into the skin almost instantly and leaves your skin baby smooth without the stickiness that a body lotion or butter may give you.Also bonus point¬†for the neutral scent,which means you can use your perfume immediately after.

Ogx Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Dry out Oil

I have tried out different oils for hair over the years and this is my favourite so far.It’s weightless,which is super important to me,because I have really heavy and flat hair that lacks in volume.It leave your hair super shiny and moisturized just¬†with a few spritz.And it also takes out any frizz you may have and helps to tame static hair,it’s a true multitasker!


Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Manuka Honey

I have tried out a lot of innisfree masks and I definitely find that the Manuka Honey one the most nourishing.The serum in it is also more milky and creamy than the other masks from this line.

I think it’s a great sheet mask choice for the colder month,even though it does smell a bit artificial but I’m okay with it since it’s super affordable.

Chanel Illusion D’ombre Long-wear¬†Luminous Eyeshadow

I have been using this all over my lids solo this whole month,because I was just too lazy to do the whole shebang with normal eyeshadows.It’s a dark brown, burgandy shade with multi-colored shimmer.The formula on these are¬†like a wet cushiony gel/ mousse and extremely blendable! Only sad thing is,I just found out that Chanel discontinued this color…So,sorry if you want the exact same color.But you can still try other colours out if you’re looking for a lazy eyeshadow option.


Smith’s¬†Rosebud salve

Well,if you don’t fancy rose scent,you won’t like this. But it just works! It’s the only lip balm that calms and soothe my lips¬†ever since I got cheilitis(Don’t google it,I warnt you.) Even though the price tag in Germany is ridiculously¬†painful,you do get a decent amount¬†of product.Also,I hit the pan,best prove when you love something ūüôā

Givenchy Le Rouge-À-Porter Lipstick in 105 Vintage Brun

I love this lipstick,the slim ,black leather packaging is just so edgy and chic!The color is a semi opaque rosy-brown nude,perfect for everyday.The formula is almost weightless so¬†super comfortable to wear.Please don’t mix these up with the “Le Rouge” Lipsticks from Givenchy,that line also has the color 105 vintage brun but it’s a complete different color.Also this line has a sheer,satin almost glossy finish.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “CANNES”

I think ¬†a lot of you might already know these! And to be honest I’m not the biggest fan of the formula,because it definetely bleeds and feathers if I don’t use a lipliner which is kinda weird for a matte formula.BUT! The Color “Cannes” is just so so wonderful,it’s a coralish brown nude which looks so good on a warm comlexion, so I’m willing to compromise.Especially for the 5 buck price tag!


This concludes my favourites for the month october and let’s hope for a great november with all the christmas treats already displaying at the stores hahaha


Stefanie ‚ô•


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  1. Reply
    2016/11/07 at 16:20

    Awesome favorites ūüôā I am using that argan oil too! Does wonders on my hair

    Enclothed Cognition

    1. Reply
      2016/11/07 at 19:47

      Ahh,great that it works for you too! I low-key feel approved now haha ‚ô•

  2. Reply
    2016/11/08 at 2:02

    I love innisfree masks, especially tea tree. I have yet to try manuka honey, but definitely will next time! <3 | AESTE BLANC

  3. Reply
    2016/11/08 at 3:49


  4. Reply
    Rachael Dickinson
    2016/11/11 at 15:14

    I love the NYX soft lip creams! I have a lovely dark berry colour and its amazing!!

    Rachael xox

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