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Fall 2016 Nail Polish Picks + Giveaway!

It’s my favorite season of the year agian.yay!

To celebrate it,I’m doing a mini mini giveaway,you can win a catrice nail polish in the color “plump around” from their A/W 2016 assortment.No,you don’t have to follow me everywhere like a stalker to win it. Just leave a comment on this post to enter ^^Rules at the end of this post.

I really, really adore fall fashion and I’m already wearing knits and boots over here in Germany,haha. And since manicure and fashion always go together,I thought why not show you my favorite nail polishes for Fall ?! Also,some of the colors are inspired by the Pantone 2016 Fall fashion color report ,you should check it out,their reports are always an interesting read 🙂


Okay.please forgive me for being so bad at applying nail polishes … and let’s start with a classic dark red,Essie’s ”fishnet stockings” is a “spicy” (what ever that means?) dark cream red ,still neutral but slightly leaning towards a bordeaux color.Perfect for entering Fall!



Remember when everyone went cray cray about the Ciaté Velvet manicure back in 2012? Guess what, velvet is en vogue again! And if you aren’t ready to rock a velvet slipdress or turtleneck like me, try it on your nails 🙂 I got my velvet powder from eBay,they were really cheap,12 colors for around 5€.And a tip from me would be to find a seller that ships straight from your country,instead from China.You won’t want to wait 2 weeks before you can rock these awesome nails.




Of course I’m going to show you my favorite neutral shade that goes with every fall outfit. A grey-ish taupe. The one I’m using is from Catrice ,no.61 ”Greige! The New Beige” ,if you can’t find Catrice in your country, the Sally Hansen ”Commander Chic” is  an exact dupe.



And now my all-time fav for fall and winter,OPI ‘s ”Lincoln Park After Dark”. It’s a really dark purple that’s almost black,perfect when ever you feel like going a bit vampy. I’ve been wearing this color every fall/winter ever since 2011,it’s true love! And this instagram post from 2 years ago proofs it.



Giveaway time!

Just tell me in the comments if you have a specific color that you wear every fall/winter.And win a this gorgeous plum-colored polish,that’s also perfect for Fall!

Quick disclaimer: 1)This giveaway is open internationally. 2)If you’re under 18,you must have your parents permission. 3)One entry per person 4)One winner will be chosen at random in a week.

Good luck!


Stefanie ♥


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13 Comment

  1. Reply
    2016/10/18 at 2:44

    Dark Teal. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Reply
      2016/10/18 at 18:34

      Oh! Dark teal is a fabulous color as well,good choice ^^

  2. Reply
    Lynne T
    2016/10/18 at 3:11

    I don’t have a specific color for the fall/winter. I wear the same colors year round and those are silver or pink.

    1. Reply
      2016/10/18 at 18:39

      Interesting! But pink and silver kinda goes with everything,haha 🙂

  3. Reply
    2016/10/18 at 5:45

    perfect colors for fall!

  4. Reply
    Stella Asteria
    2016/10/18 at 15:40

    I really love dark colors in my nails especially for winter! Never heard of velvet nails and I am dying to try it out!! What kind of powder should I buy? My favourite dark nail polishes that I always stick with, are the OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and Essie Luxedo 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway and have a great day!

    1. Reply
      2016/10/18 at 18:41

      HI,Stella ♥ The easiest way is to purchase velvet powder on ebay or at your local craft store! I love Lincoln Park After Dark as well,such a simple but stunning color !

  5. Reply
    Liz Nguyen
    2016/10/18 at 17:43

    Lovely colours!


  6. Reply
    2016/10/18 at 19:46

    I totally didn’t know about velvet nails! Now i wanna try it! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Reply
    Alex du weißt bescheid
    2016/10/18 at 21:52

    Like my soul. ;))))

  8. Reply
    Ankita Bardhan
    2016/10/18 at 23:35

    Pretty picks, Stefanie! The red one is my favorite 🙂

    Come visit us soon
    Makeup, Style and Sugar

  9. Reply
    2016/10/21 at 23:05

    love the back one

  10. Reply
    2016/10/27 at 20:54

    The red and black with the texture is sooo cool

    Life is just Rosie

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