Trends we should leave behind in 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxed start into 2016.

We had so many trends last year,it’s incredible ! But there are a few of them I think we should just leave them in 2015 for good. I will talk about the ones I still love in another post 🙂

Please know,these are just my opinions.Do what ever makes you happy ,honey! It’s just I probably won’t talk to you on the streets if you’re still doing these.

1.Overlined lips

It’s not that easy to make it look natural.and most people just simply don’t have that skill. Plus,Kylie already admitted she used fillers and not some magic liplining trick. So,stop making yourself look weird.

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2.Contouring ( The not blended kind)

Tbh,contouring is  nothing new. People have been doing it since forever,beauty gurus have been doing it when I started watching Youtube back in 2009. But this year,people took it to a whole new level with clown contouring and drawing strange shapes on their faces. Yet, the worst is when people don’t blend it !!! Urgh,it just looks so so bad. Girl,blend it and when you think you’re done blending,BLEND AGAIN.

Clown Contouring Beauty Trend

Credit @belladelune

3.Cartoon eyebrows

I have the feeling ,everyone started paying attention to their brows since last year,which is a good thing, they frame your face and make you look put together. But, of course someone has to make it extreme, in the end, instead of having fabulous gradient drag queen brows they looked like Shin-chan.

4. Detox teas

BOOtea,Tinytea, teatox. fittea, slimtea ….They are everywhere on instagram. And I hate them, how can you charge so much for some kind of blended herb tea just because you print the word detox on the packaging. Dear, get the cheapest nettle tea you can find and I promise, you will get the same result. They both make you loose water weight.


5. Pinterest hacks.

Hack this ,hack that . Don’t know how you feel about it , but I can’t stand them anymore. Either it’s complete bullsh#t or you probably won’t ever used it in your life. So,why waste your time?!



Anyway,these were the trends that we should stop doing in my opinion. Hope you had fun readind it and can’t wait to see what’s going to become trend this year !

Xoxo,Stefanie ♥


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